Hazardous Waste Company rebrands

Following a change in the management model, directing to a more efficient service a decision was made to have a complete rebrand, restructure and subsequently revive the current website.

For 10 years the business has had the same brand.

We thought it would be a great time lift the companies’ profile.

The new brand has simplified the logo and taken, which we believe, a more corporate streamline approach. 

In addition to this, the website has had a complete makeover, complete with updated informative videos.

As well as our current services of: –

skip / container hire

Trailer and van hire for Asbestos waste collection, storage and disposal

Asbestos transfer stations for disposal and storage.

we have taken the opportunity to start promoting additional services we currently offer, such as: –

Contaminated land testing and excavation

clinical waste including that which derives from COVID-19

Fly tipped waste collection

Fire and flood damage assistance

COSHH waste collection and disposal. 

The site is now live which will be a continuous working process in order to keep you informed of ongoing projects and any services. 

The initial plan was to launch the new site, services, brand and operating system at a venue in Leeds centre around April / May 2020.

Unfortunately, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic these plans have been altered somewhat. 

Not how we planned but we are now introducing the new branding slowly into the business starting with the stationery, email signatures, vans and then the containers will be a working progress as there are in excess of two hundred.

We are also open to feedback and recommendations, if you would like to contact please send to info@foxhall-group.dannypignew.uk/foxhall-new