Clinical Waste
Removal Services

From a one off disposal to contract waste services for the beauty, pharmaceutical or medical industries to drug paraphernalia clearance.

Collection and disposal of COVID-19 infected items

Are you in the need of removing items which are or may be potentially infected with the COVID-19 virus?

Are you worried that the Virus may still be present in your home or workplace?

Our experienced team utilising the utmost personal protective equipment will remove your items, placing them into a waste container which will then be taken to a specialist site for either incineration or deep excavation.

This service is available for small and very large quantities.

Our digital system eliminates the need for personal contact, providing you with the relevant documentation via email.

Accepted items are as follows: –

  • Items deriving from cleaning.
  • Mattresses
  • Bedding
  • Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Curtains
  • Clothing

Infectious Waste

A complex waste stream which needs to be handled correctly with due care and attention.

Choosing the right disposal company is paramount to eliminating the spread of disease in transit.

Infectious diseases can survive externally from the host for several days, in some cases (under the right conditions) ensuring the process is dealt with in the correct way from cradle to grave ensures the diseases is confined to the working area only.

Disposing of yellow infectious waste resulting from decontamination / cleaning

This particular type must be sent for incineration to an authorised facility only.

Ranging from bags to boxes suitable packaging must be adhered to ensure safety in transit.

Our experienced specialised team can aid you through the process and incorporate audits as part of the ongoing service.
Incorporating a fully digital user-friendly system allows transparency and full control on retrieving documentation and reports.

Your Duty of Care

The correct handling and disposal of such wastes is paramount to the containment of the hazard.

Not doing this correctly can result in catastrophic effects on human health, the environment a companies reputation but also finances.

The Environment Agency will take steps resulting in heavy fines and business disruption.

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